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Thread: lots of view, little posts

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    Arrow lots of view, little posts

    If you look at the numbers between how many people read the posts and how many posts are made, it's astonishing. Granted that you don't post on every topic, but maybe people are scared of posting or don't know how. Just something to think about.

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    Why I've viewed & not posted (until now)

    TJ, youíre a very busy guy on the site. More posts than the admin. Keep it up and you'll run the show.

    As for me viewing and not posting. I come to the site to browse for several reasons. I'm interested in gaining a little knowledge from the pros, so I can make my lawn look better. When I need to replace a piece of equipment, I'm a more knowledgeable consumer. I've read about equipment that is recommended because it holds up under commercial use, not because the guy at Home Depot says "ITíS THE BEST, TOP OF THE LINE bla bla blaĒ I also plan on starting my own business. Not in lawn care but there are some posts about business issues that if taken in general context can help me out. I may post from time to time if theirs something Iím wondering about. Good luck with the forum.

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