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Thread: A run down...

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    A run down...

    alright, a friend and me are seriously about to start a LCO...will you guys look over this and tell me what you think...starting out w/ small yards until we can afford to buy a walk behind...

    ~a 22" 6 3/4 hp pushmower
    ~a 32cc trimmer
    ~backpack blower

    with the income being split into thirds, 1/3 to me, 1/3 to him, and a 1/3 going to the business

    issues i'm having are weither or not to get insurance and a business license

    check out the logo i made at my website

    running it out of my blazer for right now, until i can afford a trailer...

    any pointers or advice? TIA!!!

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    i am fifteen and started out about 3 years ago with similar equipment, but since then have done alot of mower research. i would like to know what kind of 22'' you have because if it happens to be a toro high wheel be careful. my buddy had that particular mower and the wheel fell off while we were cutting a residential yard. so again if that happens to be the mower that you have make sure it doesnt happen to you. the other thing is that you said you are going to wait to buy a walkbehind. on that point be sure not to get lured in by name brands because there are many brands you probably have never heard of that are less expensive and have basically exact specs. good luck

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    I too am 15 years old, running my business for 6 years. As barcode148 said, the Toro high wheel is not worth it in the long run. I had both the Toro high wheel, and the Toro personal pace mower, both wasted my money on. With the high wheel, the wheel came rolling off on a yard. With the personal pace mower, the self propel began to quit after one season of work. I upgraded to a 32" Bradley Commercial walk behind ( or which turned out to be a GREAT investment. I have been using the Bradley for a year and half now, and hasn't failed me yet. It is big enough to work with, yet small enough to fit in gates and in between small landscapings. I purchased the Bradley walkbehind for only $1400, which was $1200 less then the other mowers, with well-known names, such as Exmark, Scag, or Toro. I believe the same mower I have is a few hundred dollars more, as the company is making profit. I really like the Better Quick 36 mowers, which can be found at , and is EXTREMELY well priced for the great quality. I purchased a striping kit for my lawn mower, which ran me at $205, and it works wonders. I actually have customers throwing in an additional $1 per week for me to put my striper on! Within the next month, I will have it paid off, with profits coming in, just because I spent the extra dollar to get high quality equipment. The striping kit can be found at .

    I do recomend getting a large trailer as your first. I purchased a 4x6 trailer, which only lasted me until I bought my commercial mower, which forced me to spend more money on a larger trailer. I now have a 6.5x16 tandem axle trailer that I paid a total of $995 on. I HIGHLY recomend eBay to purchase a trailer. You may have to sacrifice new tires to get a low price like I did, but you can always buy brand new tires later on. I just purchased a Trailer Mate Pro off of the following website, , which I cannot wait should arrive by Saturday. When it arrives, I'll let everyone know whether it is worth the few hundred dollars.

    With the business license and is required in most states to have a business license, but I ran without one for the past 5 years, but without the business license(and in most cases, insurance), you will not be able to bid on commercial contracts. A license isn't expensive, and is EXTREMELY easy to aquire. Insurance on the other hand, is a different story. For me running the lawn care on my own, it will cost me $535 a year for 1,000,000 liability insurance. Insurance for you and a partner/employee runs the bill up a bit, so I would recomend either paying your partner 'under the table' or cough up the extras to get him insured as well. I'm still shopping around before I get the insurance as I am pretty sure I can find it cheaper.

    I do like your logo, quite a lot. I'm needing to redo mine, as mine was made quite a few years ago. My logo is on every page at , and is done with just the basics.


    Nick Herweck

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    Arrow Best of the 21 inchers? :)

    I have customers with lawns that I need a small walk behind/ push style mower for. Such as a Tory or Honda 21 inch push mower. Looking at the toro Personal Pace mower, but skeptical that it will wear out. And from using it, it's tiring always having to push it compared to others that you just engage the drive and steer them while they pull themselves. Asside from what would be better as terms of just buying bigger equipment, what is the best (or a few of the best) self propelled push mowers. I only need it for 6 customers so it's not worth spending thousands on a "commercial 21 inch". I work alone, and am gentle and keep up maintenance on all the equipment. Just looking for a mower as i've used customers mowers in the past.

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