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Thread: Spraying weeds in cracks of driveway

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    Spraying weeds in cracks of driveway

    I have a question about spraying weeds in the cracks of driveways and commerical accounts. How do I go about pricing, and where can someone buy the chemicals cheap???

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    Round up

    I use generic round up. I charge $15 for every gallon I use. I dont know where you live but here in Florida you HAVE to be state certified. I buy mine from EBAY. You cant find a better price on generics. The last one I bought was caller Razor Pro. The same as Roundup Pro. Hope that helps you out. Stefan

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    What are you saying you need to be licensed for in FL?

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    spraying weeds in cracks of driveways

    I use a 5gal containter of generic round-up. Since round-up has lost there patten. Alot of hardware stores in my area sell 2-5gal jugs for $110 which just went up to $115. They will charge extra if u just buy 1 jug but will make it a little cheaper when u buy 2 to help them make more money.
    BE Careful! Check with you AG Dept. There are many states you have to be certified and or licensed to spray commercially and some states apply pre-emergent and etc.

    If it rains, the rain can even wash the chemicals into the plants & etc that is nearby.

    Hope this info. helps!


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