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Thread: Discount specials, are they a good thing?

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    Discount specials, are they a good thing?

    Hi I am new here. Maybe you've already talked about this but I was wondering about running specials. I have an ad in th paper right now which has been ineffective. But starting next week I run a 10 percent off discount. I thought maybe it would help business pick up.Your thoughts?

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    To your reply greeney,

    The headline needs to have the benefit.Your company name should not be in the headline or close to the top. People don't give a crap about your company name. They want to know what benefits them and what you can do for them.

    I would run an ad always stating a benefit. My favorite is incorporating the word FREE.

    For Example...

    "FREE Lawn Cutting with 24 week agreement"

    Never use the word contract, It scares people.

    Hope this helps! "Turn High Grass Into Cold Cash- How to Start a Lawn Care Business"

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