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Thread: Starting the Season Again!

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    Starting the Season Again!

    What is the best way to contact and retain customers from last season?

    A flyer, letter, phone call, coupon, or what?
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    starting the season again

    I will always call all of my customers by phone in Feb. 1 month before the season starts here in NC. That way they heard from me and know I will be willing do take care of there lawn maintenance again. Most of the customers I have had for many years and they know I will do it again. I usually tell them at the end of season, I will be there for them next year and then again as I stated I will call again before mowing season starts.
    If you pass out flyers and etc, they might not get it. Also your time and money is spent into them, not to mention that you either deliver them or mail them. That will cost also. past 8 yrs I have been calling my customers and make sure I talk to them to make sure they want me. Usually if you do a great job, you wont loose your current customers.
    Hope this works!

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