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Thread: Door hangers and Business cards

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    Door hangers and Business cards

    Hey Guys! I am new to this site and just wanted to let some of you know that I have come across some equipment to do printing of Door hangers, business cards and Post Cards. I am also a lawn guy, but I got tired of paying the drastic prices for nice door hangers. Anyways, I purchased a small prinitng press form a customer who owed me for landscaping work so I can now give all of oyu a great deal on Printing. (50,000 door hangers, Full color , 2 sided for around 2300. 25,000 for 1250.)

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    Buisness Cards/Printing

    I have been in business for years, several businesses, and recently started another new lawn service. I have found that in my local market, pricing is much higher for printing services than off the internet. I located Vista Print online and am extremely satisfied with their services. You can go to this link to check them out. I save 50 to 75 % on business cards alone.
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