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    Service Magic

    Has anyone ever used service magic to generate leads? I got a call froma rep about a week ago. He wanted me to sign up with this company and they will send me leads for high end residential jobs in my specific area. Just curious as to whether anyone has ever worked with service magic.

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    I use and also There are forums on servicemagic you can read and here what others have to say. If you want alot of residential leads it works great. They have generated me alot of business. However you pay for your leads even if you dont get the job. Suppose to go against 2 other companies and sometimes you can get what is considered exact match. They charge different prices on leads depending on what lead you are getting. Occasionally they get commercial but mostly residential.I can say if you ever want to dispute a legal issue with them and try to get a hold of the owner, that wont never happen. Owner(Barry) doesnt care about his business (servicemagic) well I dont think he does and has not to care about my account even when they called to follow-up and get my opinions and he is suppose to see the reviews. yellow pages can be cheaper but with both sites you can turn leads off and on when u want them. Hope this works and need any more, please let me know.

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