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Thread: Hedge trimming

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    Hedge trimming

    How do i know how much to charge for hedge trimming?
    I'm having trouble finding out how to charge for this.

    Thanks Kendal

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    You can try calling other local business and see how much they charge.

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    You NEED to know how much your worth by the hour. Your time there includes gas, insurance, dump fees exc. I charge $30 a hour here in Florida. The cost of living is about average here. So estimate your time to trim the bushes. Plus your time to rake up and blow off. And your time to haul the debret away if you have to. Times that by your hourly fee. Hope that helps? Stefan

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    I charge 33.00 an hour plus a 20 dollar stop charge. Average the time it takes to prune and clean times that by 33 and add 20 thats your price. Remeber the 20 is for gas, haul away,and it helps to have a minium. 33 plus 20 is 53 I round up to 55 and that would be your minium. I also charge by the quaters .25,.50,.75. so if it is 1hour an 15 minutes I would divide 33 by 4 round it up to next dollar wich would be 9. Now this bill would be 42 plus 20 stop charge wich = $62.00.

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