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    Fall Mowing

    I have a landscape company that I have operated for the past three seasons in South Shore Massachusetts. This year my clientale base has greatly increased from last year. As the fall cleanup season approaches I am finding out that my last three-four mows of the season at each property are taking almost twice as long because of leaf collection. I feel I should charge an additional fee for this, depending on how much extra time is spent at each property, yet I am afriad I might lose clients. Does anyone have a deal with this and if so how do you charge it? Do you just tack on an additional fee to each mow, and are customers receptive to this? Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are they requiring that you bag the grass? If so, and they dont want to pay extra insist you can still cut but w/o a bag. Another question, are you making any additonal money from these clients.

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    Yes we bag all of our accounts. This is the first year i have really had a lot of clientale, so in past years I didn't think much of it because I didn't want to lose customers. I have talked to some people who add on a surchage that is calculated hourly and billed out like that. Others simply price out the fall cleanup and mow up until that point (i.e. cleanup is $300 but since you have mowed up to that date you only do $180 worth of work on the final cleanup but get $300 to compensate you for wokr already done). Using this method customers who don't get fall cleanups would have their mow prices doubled from say mid-october to the end of the season. I am a complete landscape service company so I do get other work from my clients than just mowing, but I want to figure the best way to get my rates without losing clientale. Then again do I want a client who is going to drop me becuase I am charging them more because more work is getting done? It is common sense, with all of the leaves it takes longer, uses more fuel, and puts more wear and tear on the equipment so I must be compensated somehow I just wanted to know what most people do.

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    fall mowing

    That is a good question. Does anyone charge extra for bagging up leafs using a bagger on back of there mower. It takes longer and havent had a request but the leafs still have to be gotten up.Regular accounts that I have had for few yrs and also do many other things for them. Takes up time and money to get up leafs. Looks a lot better than just chopping them up with mower. I live in NC and would like to hear from anyone on this and what they charge. Especially companies in NC or nearby.

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