I have recently started my lawn care business about 4 months ago. I have a steady 10 accounts and am attempting to obtain more business. I'm prepared to provide leaf mulching services and residential snow removal to my current clients as well as any new business I can pick up between now then.
I wanted to know if I've only been in the business 4 months, is it to soon for me to bid on any commercial jobs? Bidding takes place in a couple weeks for next mowing season and I was wanting to find out any advice for bidding these jobs, such as who do I talk to? Things to look for in bidding jobs? Etc...? In addition, I am open for any advice to earn more residential jobs as well?
I have passed out flyers at the beginning of the season and had a friend help to pass out more flyers this past month in order to generate more business.
My equipment is basic at this time, mid-size 4x4 truck, smaller trailer, and 36" walk behind. I'm willing to invest in a snowblower and some gator blades to help with fall and winter services.
I didn't want to put the cart before the horse in terms of buying bigger equipment and not having a client base to back it up. Any advice on how to generate more business residentially and commercially, as well as advice on investing in additional equipment would be appreciated.