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Thread: Grass in flowerbeds.

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    Grass in flowerbeds.

    A customer had started redoing their flowerbeds. She stopped and decided to hire someone. I went to give an estimate and grass had started to grow. I was wondering what would be the easiest way to clean it out. I thought about tilling it but I didnít know if it would hit the roots of plants or not. The only alternative I see is pulling it by had but doesnít seen time efficient.

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    I would recommend sraying round up on it. Wait till it dies, then trim it down. Apply something like preen to prevent it from coming back. Round Up works only if the blades of weeds or grasses are present. It absorbs through them. That is why you Do Not need to trim it down, then spray round up on it.
    Epson salt will also control weeds.

    Kevin "Turn High Grass Into Cold Cash- How to Start a Lawn Care Business"

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    When I am weeding in customers gardens I use a push Hoe I find this quite efficient.After that I just rake the weeds away.The customers a usally blown away by the speed and quality off my work.

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    It is important to get rid of it to start with but I find customers are very pleased with the suggestion of stones inbetween beds. It looks neat, stops regrowth in the future and the customer finds it easier to attend to the flower beds.

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