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Thread: Looking to buy a new Blower. Any suggestions? Handheld or Backpack?

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    Looking to buy a new Blower. Any suggestions? Handheld or Backpack?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a blower mainly to blow clippings and possibly leafs this fall. I am looking for something that will do the job, that is all I need. Does anyone recomend any? I was just wondering if paying the extra money for the backpack style was worth it. Thanks for your thoughts .

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    What is your budget? If you can afford to shell out about $500, I would invest my money in a Redmax EB 7001 Back pack blower. If you are trying to get out a little cheaper but still have a powerful unit, get an Echo pb 403 backpack. You can get one of them for $299. I have used both units and they are very nice. To me, it sounds like the 403 will serve your needs very well!
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    Echo PB 750. Was the most powerful backpack blower ever built when I got mine. I still have it and it starts on the first or second pull always.
    I just point it at the driveways or walkways and it clears the whole area in a second.
    Leaf cleanup is a joy with this blower.

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    Last year I got the Echo PB751t. It's the best blower I've ever used.Starts in 1 or 2 pulls,has all the power you will ever need and is very comfortable.Price was $450,and worth every penny and more.

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    I am getting ready to trade in my hand held RedMax blower for a back pack. From what I have read and heard the best back pack out now is the RedMax 7001 Price is about $450.00 If you do not have a RedMax dealer in your area you can buy online, tax free and free shipping from: Just put RedMax in the search and it will pull up all the redMax equipment they have.

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    Only way to go is the REDMAX EBZ 8000

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