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Thread: Female in the business!

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    Female in the business!

    I am interested in becoming a landscape designer, but to get there, I want to start my own lawncare business. What is some good advice that you have for a me?

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    From the "Wrench" side

    A few things I have tried to do:
    1. Read anything and everything you can relating to your chosen field. It will come in handy in when providing estimates since you won't look like a rookie when the prospective customer asks you a question or makes a valid point. Also don't try to BS your way through since the guy or gal you are talking to may already know the right answer.
    2. Buy the best equipment you can afford. If you have to scrimp on tools and equipment make it those items you have more than one of.
    3. Always read and understand the equipment operator's manuals and insure the folks that work for you do the same. The time you take doing so will save you time and money down the road.
    4. Hire qualified employees who will be an asset to your company and not a liability. It may cost a few more bucks up front but will normally pay off in the end.
    5. And last but not least, take care of your equipment. Do the required services not just for longivity but also for safety reasons. Don't by-pass safety devices incuding the wiring or bungy-cording of the grass deflector chutes, the liability issues are just not worth the benefits. If you are not mechanically inclined, take your equipment to a qualified servcie and repair shop.
    Of course this is only my humble but well thought out opinion.
    Northern Turf Tech
    Kalkaska, Michigan

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    Lady in the business

    Some of the best workers i ever had were women. When doing landscape design you dont want to get to heavy into lawn maintenance. You will find that you want have time to do both and be good at the same time.Be selective on your lawn maintenance and keep some free time to do your design work.Its so easy to take on to many maintenance accounts and then when you get a design job you won't have time.

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