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Thread: Customer breaks contract

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    Customer breaks contract

    If a customer under an annual contract for your services decides to stop using and paying for your services, what would you do?

    - let them go
    - take them to court
    - other?

    If you say take them to court, how much would they need to owe in order for you to choose this?

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    Well anything over $500 is a felony.

    But you can go to small claims court for any amount just need documentation of everything. Contract, Invoices, Bank Statement or anything else that shows they have paid before (check stub, deposit slip, etc.) date of service performed, past due letter sent, date and times you have called or went by to try and collect payment.

    With any or better yet all of that you should be golden in small claims court.

    Hope this helped.
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    If they didn't owe you money but just broke the contract by not wanting you to service their property any further would you still take it to court?

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    In my oppinion it would be bad advertising for only one customer.

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    i agree-its not worth your time. time is money remember?--go on to another yard and make your money where your services are appreciated.

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    I have found they its better to just let them go if its a home owner , they will give you more bad press and tell others. If you try to be nice they want talk as much. If its a company ....then thats a different story.

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    Breaking contract

    I think if it were me I would collect what I was owed and try to make it right with them there must be a reason they do not want to continue having youre service. Find out why. youre contract might state in the future that either party can cancel with 30 days notice, I have never run into that problem I wouldnt stir up trouble, remember a satisfied customer tells a few people a dissatisfied customer will tell everyone they know.

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    breaking contract

    I would just move on if they do not owe money. In my contracts I allow them to cancel with a 30 day notice. However if I have applied fertilizer, seed, did any lawn spraying, trim shrubs, mulch pine needles and anything other than mowing I did extra or spent money for, then they have to pay for the (extras) and also account has to be current with up to date invoices paid before I let them out. If they have to pay for the extras before they get out of contract then that helps keep them under contract or your guaranteed to get money that you spent on the client.
    Hope this works!

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