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Thread: Cash or Credit?

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    Cash or Credit?

    Recently this question came up and I was interested in your views.

    Do you buy your equipment outright or do you prefer to use credit?

    Do you prefer to own or lease equipment?

    Why either way?

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    Post payment

    Pay upfront would seem the best if possible, then no matter what happens your credit isn't on the line. Yet if you want to build credit, why not use it and build it. Just be sure you can pay it back or say goodbye to your credit.

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    When I am in need of something new, I try to hold off until I have enough to buy and pay for it. That way it is paid for right then and you dont have to worry about making any kind of payments. However, I also think that it is a very good idea to have some type of credit available for the times that you have to have something then and there. There will always be those situations, so a good credit source can be a great thing to have, as long as its not abused.

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